January Judiciousness (Joyful Blessings of Encouragement)


January’s Bible Verse: Psalm 28:7

                        “The Lord is my strength and my shield;my heart trusted in him,

and I am helped:therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth;and with my

song will I praise him.”    KJV

January’s Poem: Being Joyful Always

Always be joyful in the Lord,

Show that He is loved and adored;

Sing praise songs and lift up your voice,

  Always in the Lord to rejoice

 I say rejoice and be joyful,  

Within the Lord who is trustful;

Remember the Lord is at hand,

Who will help and does understand.

   Relax and do not ever fear,

For the Lord our God is near;

  Never worry of anything,

As long as to the cross you cling.

Show how considerate you are,

Your light shines brighter than a star,

 While being humble and kind,

During stressful times  ease their mind.

Then think of the power of prayer,

With the Lord what you  can share;

    Everything you can impart,

That has been brewing in your heart.

 Let Him know of what you need,

For  your life to help you succeed,

  Give thanks while you request,

What will help you do your best.

 Always remember to instill,

         Asking if it is His will;

     If it were for the will you own,

Then your words will just stand alone.

Keep your thoughts whatever is right,

    That  is fair and true in His sight;

  So practice what you have been taught,

Then God gives peace in what you sought.

                           ~Richard Newton Sherrer

January’s Quote:

“The hope that God  has provided for you is not merely a

wish. Neither is it dependent on other people,

possessions, or circumstances for it’s validity.Instead,

biblical hope is an application of your faith that supplies

a confident expectation in God’s fulfillment of His

promises. Coupled with faith and love,hope is part of

the abiding characteristics in a believer’s life.” 

~John C. Broger

 January is here and so is a new year. In this blog post we will be welcoming in 2017 by not only taking a look at what is being recognized and celebrated this month but also discussing some goals for this year for our website,blog,YouTube channel, and our community of followers. So,stay tuned for that… now here’s what’s going on this month. This month will be known as January Judiciousness (Joyful Blessings of Encouragement) because, January is the beginning of a new year and a fresh start… And a time to celebrate and be grateful for the blessings and opportunities God has given us…by making judicious goals and decisions as well as, being joyfully encouraging to others in their goals. What better time to focus on… not only yearly goals but also monthly and daily goals. Therefore,all blog posts for this month will follow this theme.

January– If you were born this month… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  You can click here to see who else shares a birthday with you this month. Your birthstone is Garnet and your flower is Carnation.

Here’s a look at some of this month’s monthly observances…other monthly and daily observances  as well as,more information and links can be found on our Events Page here.

Monthly Observances:

*National Blood Donor Month

*Human Trafficking Awareness Month

*National Get Organized Month

*National Mentoring Month

*National Hobby Month

*National Braille Literacy Month

*National Eye Health Care Month


Goals for 2017 for our Website/Blog/YouTube Channel: We would like to finish adding pages to our website that we have previously talked about such as:  – Homeschooling and School Pages.  Also, additional pages for Bible Study and Sunday School as well as a Health/Fitness and Charity/Causes page. We would like to post more blog posts more often for you…on a regular weekly schedule as well as,more videos on our YouTube channel. Our final goal is to possibly start offering a email newsletter by the end of the year. What are some of your goals for this year? We would love to hear from you.


New Recipes for this Month: Loaded Chicken and Potatoes Casserole: This recipe can be found on our  Potluck (Recipe) Page here


Other places you can find us:




or email us at:  mothersbeeofgoodchristianfaith@gmail.com

Have a Very Judicious and Joyful Month!

We hope you enjoy this post…until the next one.

Gods many blessings,

Stephanie ❤ 




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