March Magnificences(A Celebration of New Life and Love)Music in Our Schools Month


March’s Bible Verse: Song of Solomon 2:12

12. The  flowers appear on the earth;

the time of the singing  of birds is come,and

 the voice of the turtle is heard in our land;  Kjv


March’s Poem: Spring Time Light

At last the mornings welcome light

has drawn the darkness from the night,

and growing days give time and heat

for nature’s bounty to repeat.

The trees sing out in chorus lines

words which blossoms redefine,

these garlands in the trees reveal

the land can now revive and heal.

All creatures feel the warming hand

Of sun beams scattered on the land

as battered grass begins to grow,

released once more the river flow.

– Robert Patinson


March’s Quote

“Now when the primrose makes a splendid show,

And lilies face the March-wind in full blow,

And humbler growths as with one desire

Put on,to welcome Spring,their best attire…”

–  William Wordsworth

Music-an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm,melody,harmony, and color.


 Continuing our monthly blog theme of March Magnificences(A Celebration of New Life and Love). We want to focus on content that highlights events and activities that have a great and magnificent impact on our family lives…as well as,celebrate new life. Also,our new love for not only each other…but also for God.

  In this blog post we will be discussing and focusing on ‘Music In Our Schools Month’ and what it means to our children’s education.

   Designated officially by the National Association for Music Education(NAfME)  March is when schools across the nation focus their attention on this very important event in hopes of raising awareness of how much of an impact music education has on all children.

  ‘Music In Our Schools Month'(MIOSM) started in 1973,as a single statewide celebration. Growing over time from just a one day celebration to a week. Then, in 1985 a month long celebration was added. You can click here to read more history,facts and see a celebration timeline.  The theme for this year’s celebration is ‘Music Inspires’ click here for a downloadable logo you can also click here for some ideas on how to support this celebration and cause. For MIOSM concert information go here and click here for a concert FAQ.

 Music,is an important part of all our lives. Whether,we are celebrating,relaxing or grieving…we remember different life experiences or life events by the music we associate with them…either from what we heard when it took place or choose to soundtrack those events with.

Studies have proven that music helps in a child’s development as well as,other areas of their education.Such,as memory,concentration,language skills,writing skills,math,as well as,enhancing imagination and so much more…which you can read more about here from John Hopkins School of Education or here from PBS Parents. Additional,links and information can be found on our Events Page here. Also,links to resources and activities for this celebration and cause can be found on our Education Page here.

 In conclusion,music is a personal experience whether, we are creating it, playing it,singing it,or buying it. Music education programs in our schools strive to help our children to appreciate and learn from the music they hear and experience from an early age. Please,consider taking the time to show support for these programs. Through volunteering your time or a monetary donation. Either,way will be greatly appreciated for generations to come.

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❤ Have a Magnificent Month Filled With Love and Celebration!❤

We hope you enjoyed this post…until the next one.


God’s many blessings,



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