January Joyfulness (New Beginnings) -Let’s Get Organized


“Chaos often breeds life,when order breeds habit.”– Henry Brooke Adams

“It is best to do things systematically,since we are only human,and disorder is our worst enemy.” – Hesiod

Organize-to arrange or order things so that they can be found or used easily and quickly : to put things into a particular arrangement or order.

Order-the way objects in a space or events in time are arranged or follow one another.

Disorganized-not having parts arranged in a neat and effective way.

Chaos-complete confusion and disorder : a state in which behavior and events are not controlled by anything.

January Joyfulness (New Beginnings) is the theme for this month. A new year means a good time to set new goals: daily,weekly and monthly for the year. Also,revisiting,reevaluating and re-prioritizing old ones. Some may end up being the same but on a different spot on your list while others are new. However,it ends up… organizing those goals as well as other areas of your life will certainly help. In this blog post we will explore what it means to be organized,how it helps in different areas of your life and how to best get there. So,Let’s get organized! We believe the best way to approach this is to divide up the different areas of your life into three main categories: home,personal and work.What do you need to accomplish in each of those areas of your life? What is the best way to achieve this? Here we have broken this down into the three main categories with some tips for each.

Home-The easiest way to start organizing your home is to… go by each section or room. Some people like to start in the rooms that they see first, by the front areas and work to the back or by levels (lower and upper) of their homes. Whichever,way is decided to go it is best to that you make sure that each room is functional for the purpose it serves. For example, the living room is a main gathering area and should be organized to support this function. You will find more tips here for that.The entryway or mudroom is the room or area you often see first in your home… so this must be the most organized as well as functional. To learn how click here for some tips from Bob Vila and click here for more. The kitchen is thought of as the “heart of the home”. Since so much of our home life seems to be centered around this room whether it be for eating or socializing to find out more on why that is here. For some kitchen organizational tips click here and here. The bathroom(s) seems to be one of the rooms that gets easily cluttered and hardest to organize… especially if it is a small space. Click here for some quick tips for every bathroom size. The laundry room which sometimes isn’t even a room but a closet seems to be another clutter magnet area… find tips here to help declutter and make laundry a little less of a chore. Bedrooms are for sleeping in yes… however this is the room that also houses our clothing,shoes and other personal items so, there is a real need for keeping it organized for comfort sake click here for some tips. The Home Office is our last area to tackle in the home organization category.This room or space is mainly dedicated to those who run a home business or people who work at home. To learn some great tips on organizing and keeping this room or space organized go here or here. To wrap up this organizational category click here for the 10 Commandments of Organizing.

PersonalPersonal Organization is the planning and co-ordination of one’s life.Usually done in a systematic arrangement. When starting this part of your organizational goals it is best to first focus on time management. Without a realistic time system you just have a bunch of lists and really no place to go with them. Learn more here about this very important skill. For some truly wonderful tips to get yourself organized go here and here.

Work-Now that you’ve gotten your home and yourself organized… it’s time to focus on being organized at work. Whether you work in or out of your home or you’re in school… just,like with the other categories time is the first focus and being realistic with the use of it. The sooner the better really needs to apply here… as soon as you receive an assignment,project or order for a product…look it over to see when it’s due or needs to be fulfilled and what needs to be done. Then,you can figure out how long it will take and where to place it on your schedule and to-do list. Being, productive all counts on how you spend your time. Are you spending it trying to find important papers or working on the project or report that needs to get done?  When you take the time to learn a system of being organized and having things in order of what needs your attention first on your list and have in a place all together…you can get right to work on what needs to get done. Instead,of wasting time trying to figure out where you put your work. You can go here to learn more on how to organize your work time and space.

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We hope this helps you on your organizational journey…

Have a Joyful Month!

We hope you enjoy this post…until the next one.

               Gods many blessings,

                                     Stephanie ❤ 


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