January Joyfulness (New Beginnings)


O sing unto the LORD a new song; for he hath done marvelous things: his right hand

and his holy arm,hath gotten him the victory.

Psalm 98:1

New Beginnings

The eve of beginnings, of new hope and belief

As the January month awakens from sleep

Creeping her way the new unfolds

With optimistic magic for what she will hold

The pen has fresh ink, the paper is white

As the author creates a new passionate write.

From January forward

To December end

Poets all gather to share, love and befriend.

So with winter breaking and Spring waiting to start

I blow out the cobwebs and open my heart.

Anticipating, the words ebb and flow

From what secrets I’m keeping and the secrets I’ll show

Gathered together we write with desire

About the sun and the moonlight, the rain and the fire

To the last line we celebrate as a new verse is born

Whilst the muses still whisper from dusk till dawn.

-Julie Cottoningham

January  is here and so is a new year. In this blog post we will be welcoming in 2015 by not only taking a look at what is being recognized and celebrated this month but also discussing some goals for this year for our website,blog and our community of followers. So,stay tuned for that now is here’s what’s going on this month. This month will be known as January Joyfulness (New Beginnings) because, January is the beginning of a new year and a fresh start. What better time to focus on… not only yearly goals but also monthly and daily goals. Therefore,all blog posts for this month will follow this theme.

January– If you were born this month… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  You can click here to see who else shares a birthday with you this month. Your birthstone is Garnet and your flower is Carnation.

Monthly Observances:

*National Blood Donor Month

*National Hobby Month

*National Braille Literacy Month

*National Hot Tea Month

*National Oatmeal Month

*National Eye Health Care Month

*National Soup Month

*National Fiber Focus Month

*Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month

Daily Observances:

New Year’s Day-1

Georgia Ratification Day-2

National Chocolate Covered Day-3

World Braille Day-4

National Bird Day-5


Sherlock Holmes Birthday-6

Old Rock Day-7

National English Toffee Day-8

National Bubble Bath Day-8

Connecticut Ratification Day-9

National Static Electricity Day-9

National Clean Off Your Desk Day-12

National Make Your Dreams Come True Day-13

Benjamin Franklin’s Birthday-17

Kids Inventors’ Day-17

Thesaurus Day-18

Winnie the Pooh Day-18

International Flower Day-19

National Popcorn Day-19

Martin Luther King Jr. Day-19

National Hugging Day-21

National Pie Day-23

Global Belly Laugh Day-24

California Gold Discovery Day-24

Vietnam Peace Day-27

Inspire Your Heart With Art Day-30

National Seed Swap Day-31

More information about this months events can be found on our Events Page.

Goals for 2015 for our Website/Blog: We would like to finish adding pages to our website that we have previously talked about such as:  – Homeschooling and School Pages   – Potluck (Recipe) Page.  Also, additional pages for Bible Study and Sunday School as well as a Health/Fitness and Charity/Causes page. We like to post more blog posts more often for you…on a regular weekly schedule. Our final goal is to possibly start offering a email newsletter by the end of the year. What are some of your goals for this year? We would love to hear from you.

Other places you can find us:



or email us at:  mothersbeeofgoodchristianfaith@gmail.com

Have a Joyful Month!

We hope you enjoy this post…until the next one.

Gods many blessings,

Stephanie ❤


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