December Celebration’s

A Calendar Of Sonnets: December

The lakes of ice gleam bluer than the lakes

of water ‘neath the summers sunshine gleamed;

far fairer than when placidly it streamed,

The book it’s frozen architecture makes,

And under bridges white its swift way takes.

Snow comes and goes as messenger who dreamed

Might linger on the road; or one who deemed

His message hostile gently for their sakes

Who listened might reveal it by degrees.

We gird against the cold of winter wind

our loins now with mighty bands sleep,

In longest,darkest nights take rest and ease,

And every shortening day,as shadows creep

O’er the brief noontide,fresh  surprises find.

– Helen Hunt Jackson

December the last month of the year is here and there are so many events and holidays to celebrate. In this blog post we will take a look at and discussing December events and holidays that are christian and family friendly. These can also be found on our events page  with more information and tips to celebrate.


World Aids Awareness Day-1

National Fritters Day-2

National Roof Over Your Head Day-3

Santa’s List Day-4

Bathtub Party Day-5

St. Nicholas Day-6

International Aviation Day-7

Pearl Harbor Day-7

National Brownie Day-8

Christmas Card Day-9

Human Rights Day-10

National Noodle Ring Day-11

Violin Day-13

International Children’s Day-14

Bill of Rights Day-15

National Chocolate Covered Anything Day-16

National Maple Syrup Day-17

National Bake Cookies Day-18

Oatmeal Muffin Day-19

National Go Caroling Day-20

Forefathers Day-21

National Date Nut Bread Day-22

National Roots Day-23

National Eggnog Day-24

Christmas Day-25:  View the Origins of Christmas Day

Boxing Day-26

Make a Cut Out Snowflake Day-27

National Card Playing Day-28

National Pepper Pot Day-29

National Bicarbonate of Soda ( Baking Soda) Day-30

New Year’s Eve Day-31



Website & Pages Update:

As of right now no new updates have been made to our website overall. On our Educational Page we have added some more  new links.



New & Upcoming Pages:

We are still working at getting our Potluck (Recipes) Page up as well as our School Page and Homeschool Page .  We are hoping within the next month or two to have many of our pages up.



We hope you enjoy this post…until the next one.


             Gods many blessings,

                            Stephanie ❤









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