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This post is to simply welcome everyone to our website and blog and to inform you of some upcoming additions here. So, welcome to Mother’s Bee of Good Christian Faith! Just a bit of basic information about us first… we are a family educational website and blog that shares family ideas and information through christian faith that will help to inspire and encourage you and your families. Our name was inspired from the idea of  mother’s roles and responsibilities to her family and the encouragement given through our christian faith while carrying out those responsibilities. The word  “Bee” in our name not only speaks grammarly correct but, also using this spelling plays on the “busy as a bee” saying…which speaks about

how bees faithful go about their work. This is in no way taking away the very important roles and responsibilities that father’s have in the family structure that will be reflected upon as well on our website and blog.

Now,to focus a little bit on upcoming additions to our website. You might have notice already our pages menu…more pages will be added soon… filled with wonderful information and resources to help you and your families out. Our Potluck(Recipes) page will be coming soon as well…which like with any great potluck you can be apart of it…so,please stay tuned for that and of course more blog posts. Which we hope to have up on a weekly schedule.

To wrap up this post I would like to take the time to thank all of you that have subscribed and encourage you to share us with others.

Gods many blessings,

Stephanie ❤

We would love to hear from you.If you would like us to add your ideas,advice, website or you have a question or just want to chat. Please email them to: mothersbeeofgoodchristianfaith@gmail.com.



















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